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Waiting Patiently?


The story of Melissa’s Fate remains in limbo as “my baby” rests in the publishing world’s hands, awaiting their decision. Patience is not my strong suit and it’s been over a year. I know, “those who wait upon the Lord…”, but I believe God may be going overboard in teaching me this virtue! He planted this story idea in my head over twenty-five years ago. I wrote it within a few short months and after many rejections, it was buried in a box in my closet for twenty years!

I’m aware He may have had His purpose in resurrecting it at this appointed time. It’s packed with lessons for this day and age. A life can be changed with a fresh look at abortion, the affects of sexual permissiveness, lying, deception, materialism, and the role of faith in love.

Beth, a young woman whose father’s poor health preempted her college plans and compelled her to join the labor force in New York City, unwittingly falls in love with a man who has deceived her about his identity. She finds herself pregnant at the same time she learns he’s the president of the company where she works and he has plans to marry another. Feeling betrayed and alone, she flees without telling him she’s pregnant. Not once does she consider abortion, but after being raised by two devoted, loving parents herself, she desires for her child to know that same environment—a home with a mother and a father. Wouldn’t it be best for all if she placed her baby for adoption and kept the whole affair a secret from those she loved?

Phillip Drake ceases all efforts to locate the woman who stole his heart when he learns she left of her own volition. Unlike others he’d known, she wasn’t motivated by money and pretention—a breath of fresh air in his driven world. What did he do wrong? He didn’t even have the chance to tell her who he really is. Now, he must forget her; she’s given him no other choice. Perhaps he should marry the beautiful socialite, Victoria, as his father and the gossip columnists expect.

After eighteen months, through a series of events, Beth discovers her baby’s location and realizes she’s made an awful mistake. Her daughter, Melissa, may be in danger. When her efforts to save her little girl fail, she must return to New York and recruit Phil’s help.

Just when Phil decides to move on with his life, Beth reappears with shocking news that sets his world spinning. He will never forgive her, but he’ll do anything to save the little girl he never knew. Phil is a man accustomed to wealth and privilege, controlling those around him and the order of his life. Ever since Beth’s return, he is thrust into situations beyond his control and he doesn’t like it. Still, he must marry her and fight together for custody. He is completely helpless as the whole of Melissa’s fate rests in the hands of the judge.

Please tell me what you think. Although, my first two books published are biography/memoir, this is “my baby,” the first book I ever wrote, a work of fiction. Is it a story line worthy of publication? If you think so, should publishers stop stalling on it? It did win first place in Ozarks Writers League’s unpublished manuscript category! For months, I’ve waited patiently to announce its home. Oh, the woes of being a writer. All in God’s good timing, I suppose. I remain trusting in Him.

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