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Today, as usual, I opened God’s word and thoughtfully and prayerfully read. Many times, God gives me something specifically for me but not always. I suspect when He does not, it’s because I’m acting routinely. Today was not routine!

During this COVID-19 crisis, while people are sick, quarantined, and unemployed, as I read, I considered how blessed I am for I am none of those things. I prayed and thanked God for my many gifts and remembered every good gift is from above. I am not rich by any means and do not have all that I want, but I have a home, food, family, friends, and all that I need. I thought about countries where people live in shacks, starve, and lack proper clothing and medical attention. I asked God, why me? Why was I born here and not there? Should I only be THANKFUL that God put me here instead of there? Just count my lucky stars, as some would say?

That’s when I heard it—the word from Him that was meant for me. Luke 12:48b “For unto whomsoever much is given, of him shall be much required.” KJV That verse is talking about being a faithful and wise steward of what God has given you. He has blessed me abundantly and expects much from me. Please Lord, show me how I can use what you have given me according to your will. Several places in scripture, Jesus instructs people to sell all they have, give it to the poor, and follow Him. He tells us we are to lay up for ourselves heavenly treasures.

People in our world are hurting. I am not a young person, and the older I become, I realize my time for making a difference is limited. I have trusted Jesus as my Savior and have the promise of eternal life, but I want to share Him with everyone. While I’m instructed to do that, I’m also told to do even more. There is a song that my daughter use to sing: “Don’t tell them Jesus loves them till you’re ready to love them too, till your heart breaks from their sorrow and the pain they’re going through.” If I cannot look at the plight of my fellow man and be moved to compassion, what good am I? I often pray for God to break my heart for what breaks His, but am I really ready for that? Am I ready to share all that I have with those that need it? I should be.

Sometimes I think there are so many needs that my meager sustenance couldn’t possibly make a difference. Truth is—every little bit counts. I must show the love of God to those He places in my path. I must not miss opportunities to give. Thank you, God, for entrusting me with what I have. Help me to use it for your honor and glory. Amen.

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