All That Matters

By Diane Yates

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From Forget Me Not Romances and Winged Publications! 

David Drake falls in love with his childhood best friend, Aliyah Zimmerman, but theirs is an impossible fate. Can David bridge the gap between his Christianity and Aliyah’s Jewish faith in time to save their relationship and prevent her impending marriage or will their love be forever lost? Part of the Fate Series book 2

With passion, honesty, pain, and respect, this book definitely lights the fire of the soul. ~ Aharon Levarko, Israeli Tour Guide

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. - Jeremiah 29:13

"Pathways Of The Heart"

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Diane Yates

Melissa's Fate

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From Forget Me Not Romances and Winged Publications! 

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Shattered expectations and unwitting mistakes drag a couple through the trial of their lives, a marriage of convenience, and ultimately a lesson on the importance of faith, love, and family.

When Beth discovers the one she loves has deceived her, she flees New York City without telling him she’s carrying his child. Two years later, she must return to New York from Connecticut and face her baby’s father. Just when Phil decides to forget his love for Beth, she reappears with shocking news. He won’t forgive her for what she’s done, but he’ll do anything to rescue the little girl he didn’t know existed. With Phil and Beth at odds, nothing short of a miracle from God will change Melissa’s fate. 

Pathways Of The Heart

By Diane Yates

In this second book, the story continues with Clella “Catherine” and her family in 1957. Life holds such promise as they travel to new destinations and adventures, from one job and town to another. Catherine loves her husband and he loves her; isn't that all that matters? She soon learns her trials are not over. It's through these trials and adversities, however, that Catherine and her daughter, Diane, discover the will to overcome through the one and only true love, which is all that matters. 

What Others Had To Say:

*In All That Matters, the beautifully written sequel to Pathways of the Heart, Diane Yates tells, not only her mother’s story but her own as well. Catherine has taken up residence in my heart. Hers is a story I won’t soon forget.
~~Rochelle Wisoff-Fields, author of Please Say Kaddish for Me and From Silt and Ashes

*After reading about Clella, in Pathways of the Heart, I was thrilled to read the "rest of the story" in "All that Matters." I connected with her story on a deep level and kept turning the pages of her life, marveling at her quiet strength and loving spirit in the face of so much disappointment and adversity. Like "Pathways," "All that Matters" is a true story that is written as a novel, so it reads like fiction. Readers who love character-driven stories will love this book. Diane Yates is a masterful storyteller. - Jocelyn E. Andersen

*I picked up this book one evening and began reading it and I could not put it down. I read until after 11 pm one night and had to get up early the next morning to finish it. To know what Diane went through and how God saw her through it all. I loved it! It made this old guy cry at times it touched me so. Great read! - Richard E. Holder

*This is Diane's continuing story of her mother's life. Both these books are so well written that they are hard to put down once you start reading them. I hope that Diane continues her writing! - Pat C

How do you seek to redeem yourself when you don’t know what you did wrong? When Kenneth asked Clella to marry him, she agreed, believing their love would never die. But times and people change. Six children, the Great Depression, and two decades later, Clella feels desperate. The man she thought would always be by her side is miles away while she tries to remain faithful and pick up the pieces in another town. When a chance meeting changes everything, Clella’s faith and beliefs are tested. Follow Clella through her true story about love, loss, betrayal, and the courage to love again.

"Pathways Of The Heart is based on a true story. The family names have not been changed. She was my mother and I am the seventh child." ~ Diane Yates

What Other Had To Say:

"A refreshingly honest story of one woman's struggles and redemption. I laughed and cried as I read Clella's story. Some passages reminded me of women I've known, and I could see myself in other passages." -N. Gladden 

"unpredictable until the very end. I can't wait to meet the author and hear more of her life." - Jayne 

"a good clean read" showing "real people living real life." Roberta Page, Lebanon Daily Record. 

"I just read the entire book one-day last week. It was very good." - R. Barber 

"Diane, you have given your mother an eternal voice while allowing us to discover your writing voice. Well done!" - Deb Marshall, Past President, Missouri Writer's Guild.