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Love's Fate


Love's Fate:  Book 3 of the Fate Series

To Deborah who lost her sister, Aliyah, to a Christian cult, the only thing worse than a Jewish Christian is an Arab Christian. But Amir, banished from his Arab-Israeli family, falls in love with the sad, beautiful, Jewish Deborah at first sight. A bond forms between them despite their religious and ethnic differences. After Deborah’s sister left, her parents Yosef and Esther have loathed each other, and nothing can ignite feelings of love between them. While David Drake and Aliyah return to her homeland of Israel as missionaries, David’s sister, Melissa, tries to reach teenagers with the message of abstinence, but her own marriage threatens to derail her mission. Little do they all know what the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob has planned for them and the Fate of their love.


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